DIY 375ml chalkboard jars (with lids)

DIY 375ml chalkboard jars (with lids)


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These jars are supplied with ready-to-apply chalkboard stickers and a piece of traditional chalk, so you'll have everything you need to make chalkboard jars for your rustic chic wedding table displays, or for use in your kitchen/pantry!

Each jar holds 375ml and measures:

  • 12.8cm tall
  • 7.2cm diameter at the widest point
  • 5.3cm across the jar opening

Each chalkboard label measures approximately 8.5cm x 5.5cm, and these are supplied on an easy-peel sheet, ready for you to stick onto your jars!

Unlike many chalkboard jars on the market, we use an extremely high quality blackboard decal professionally die-cut from a sheet of chalkboard adhesive of the quality used on restaurant menu boards.  This ensures that it takes chalk extremely well, and can be written on over and over again with traditional chalk, without signs of wear.  It is however not recommended that you immerse jars in water for any extended period following application of stickers, since this may compromise adhesion.

Please note that twine (shown in some pictures around jar neck) is not included, and that only one piece of chalk is provided per order.

TIP: Please keep in mind that when left on a chalkboard surface over a period of time, liquid chalk leaves a faint marking, visible under certain lighting conditions even once the surface has been wiped clean - Coca Cola is actually a very effective trick for removing stubborn liquid chalk residue, so you may wish to give this a try!  We recommend however that you consider using traditional (non liquid) chalk, which wipes off cleanly even if left in place for weeks at a time.

The pack sizes of jars available for purchase via this store are based on "box quantities" to keep pricing & postage as cost-effective as possible.  If you require a quantity or custom mix of jars not shown, please fill in our quote form.


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