Mason jar - Wide mouth (pint)

Mason jar - Wide mouth (pint)


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UPDATE: Ball unfortunately halted all ANZ exports during the pandemic, leading to an Australia-wide shortage of Ball Mason branded jars.  We hope to re-stock our wide mouth jars soon, but Ball has advised that no new shipments will be made until early 2023, so once the last remaining jars have sold, this product will show as "out of stock".

These authentic Mason jars are the "wide mouth" style.

They have a capacity of 1 US pint (16 US fluid oz), which is equivalent to 473ml, and they measure as follows:

  • 12cm tall
  • 8.6cm diameter at the widest point (top of jar)

Each glass jar comes with a genuine Ball Mason "lid and band" BPA-free tinplate steel lid, in brushed silver colour.

* Mason jars are freezer safe, suitable for hot water bath / pressure canning methods, and lid bands are re-usable.

The pack sizes of jars/bottles available for purchase via this store are based on "box quantities" to keep pricing & postage as cost-effective as possible.  If you require a quantity or custom mix of jars or bottles not shown, please fill in our quote form.


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