Sample pack - 7 glass jars (without lids)

Sample pack - 7 glass jars (without lids)


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Unsure what size of jars to order?  This sample pack includes one of each of our most popular 7 glass jar sizes...

    •    1 x 750ml jar - Approx 16.6cm tall; 6.1cm opening; 8.9cm diameter
    •    1 x 500ml jar - Approx 14.7cm tall; 5.3cm opening; 7.8cm diameter
    •    1 x 375ml jar - Approx 12.8cm tall; 5.3cm opening; 7.2cm diameter
    •    1 x 300ml jar - Approx 7.8cm tall; 8.9cm opening; 7.1cm diameter
    •    1 x 250ml jar - Approx 9.7cm tall; 5.3cm opening; 6.7cm diameter
    •    1 x 150ml jar - Approx 8.7cm tall; 4.3cm opening; 5.7cm diameter
    •    1 x 100ml jar - Approx 6.4cm tall; 4.3cm opening; 5.7cm diameter
The jars look great on wedding tables in mixed-size clusters holdng flowers or candles*, and some jute twine wound around the neck of the jar completes the rustic look!

Please note that flowers / twine / other props are shown in photos purely to illustrate how the jars can be used and are not for sale!

* Buyers please be aware that standard glass jars manufactured in Australia typically have a slightly domed base (just check out any jar of jam or honey in your cupboard!) so we recommend stabilising candles using melted wax, sand, gravel, or any other suitable substance.

The pack sizes of jars available for purchase via this store are based on "box quantities" to keep pricing & postage as cost-effective as possible.  If you require a quantity or custom mix of jars not shown, please fill in our quote form.


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