Mason jar - Limited edition green (pint)

Mason jar - Limited edition green (pint)


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These authentic Mason jars are the classic "regular mouth" style.  They are part of the Ball Mason Heritage line, and come in a gorgeous limited edition spring green colour.

They have a capacity of 1 US pint (16 US fluid oz), which is equivalent to 473ml, and they measure as follows:

  • 13cm tall
  • 7.5cm diameter at the widest point

Each glass jar comes with a genuine Ball Mason "lid and band" BPA-free tinplate steel lid, in brushed silver colour.

* Mason jars are freezer safe, suitable for hot water bath / pressure canning methods, and lid bands are re-usable.

The pack sizes of jars/bottles available for purchase via this store are based on "box quantities" to keep pricing & postage as cost-effective as possible.  If you require a quantity or custom mix of jars or bottles not shown, please fill in our quote form.


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